SPOR 2006 • Legible Hearings

SPOR Festival Thursday 4th May – Sunday 7th of May

By choosing Edward Jessen as curator the SPOR Festival has found someone that understands the essence of music: sound and what makes sound into music.

Edward Jessen, Curator

Thomas Agerfeldt, leader of SPOR Festival

Edward Jessen and SPOR Festival is focussing on the ability of sound to tell its own story. It rises and falls, it spreads, it attempts to collect itself but doesn’t quite manage it. It flows, it explodes. There are many composers for whom this is the most important thing of all: going on a journey of discovery in sound, tone, rhythm and movement. SPOR is focussing on them in 2006.

English version: Barnabas Wetton


SPOR-festivalen 2006 is supported by Århus Kommune, Statens Kunstråd, Augustinus Fonden, Dansk Komponist Forening, Tuborgfondet and Århus Amt