SPOR festival is looking for someone to curate SPOR 2008. If you want to take part in the competition to work as curator please send your programme suggestions to us before the 1st August 2006. The programme needs to be sufficiently detailed to give a picture of the amount of practical work involved in its execution. The proposal must also deal with the financing of the festival and must contain an estimated budget, which must not exceed 650.000 kr. (about 87.000 €).

SPOR is keen to use local talent but is equally interested in international connections as far as the budget allows. On the SPOR-festival web page there is a list of local and national musicians and ensembles, but these do not necessarily have to form the basis of any programme, especially if you as a foreigner are not au fait with the Danish music scene. The festival should give insight into new music both internationally and in Denmark. Foreign winners of this competition can expect some help or “sensitive interferens” from the festival administration concerning the preparation of the danish part of the programme.

SPOR wants to make The Old Railway Workshop its home and would like to see most of the events take place there. Nonetheless this condition can be waived if the idea is good enough. On the left you find links to a detailed description of the workshop and a number of the other concert halls in Århus.

Once the curator has been chosen he/she will work closely with SPOR on the production of the festival. SPOR is responsible for the practical tasks but any necessary changes in the programme are to be made in conjunction with the curator. One can expect that such changes will happen for practical or other reasons. Other artistic questions regarding the musicians or where they are to perform will be taken through running discussions. If the curator is not resident in Denmark communication will have to take place over the internet.

The curator will receive 10.000 kroner.

SPOR 2008 will take place in the beginning of May.

Curator suggestions to be sent to:

SPOR festivalen
v/Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen
Willemoesgade 22
DK-8200 Århus N

OR by email:

The board will choose the winning entry in the spring and the winner will be notified in May.